Blog trouble!

Dear all,

My blog went down today and unfortunately when my service provider (GoDaddy) were looking into it, the first thing they tried was to go back to the most recent automatic back-up. Therefore, I have lost all the content published since the 21st May. This includes all the likes and comments, plus everything I’ve scheduled and drafted since then. I have re-published the missing posts (which is why email subscribers may get all of those again – sorry about that) but now your comments seemed to have vanished from them. I would like to apologise for the inconvenience and I hope that GoDaddy’s server behaves itself in future.

Best wishes

N S Ford

21 thoughts on “Blog trouble!”

    1. Thanks – it’s v annoying but luckily all my completed drafts were backed up, so I didn’t lose those. It’s a shame about losing the comments :/

    1. It’s still a bit strange now… I wasn’t too impressed with how the support team assumed it was something on my blog which was at fault when it was actually at their end!

  1. Even though your posts are showing up in the wordpress reader and although there’s a star showing in order to ‘like’ posts, at present the facility to comment from the wordpress reader seems to have gone from your blog posts. Hope it’s soon sorted out for you.

  2. Ehm… I don’t have the faintest idea how it is possible, but I didn’t write this comment ? I wasn’t even online for about a day… I got the notification about your answer through WordPress, the icon is my picture and everything, though the name given is not mine (I use my actual given name for comments and stuff)… But this is the first time I see this, these are not my words ?? it’s scary…

    1. Oh no. That sounds weird. I don’t know which comment you’re referring to, I can’t seem to find it, but then some of the comments have disappeared today. Maybe you need to change your account details or something, I don’t know.

    1. It was v annoying but I’ve put all my published content back on. I’ve lost some stuff though. And now for some reason people can’t comment through the WordPress reader. Argh.

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