End of year wrap-up summary thing!

I don’t usually do end of year wrap-ups, other than lists of favourite reads and what films I watched, but 2022 has been extra-busy so I thought I’d do some kind of summary. I’m quite a fan of timelines, so here it is in this format.

JanuaryWe Watch You goes on a blog tour! I talk about what I was reading 20 years ago.

February – I present 10 writing tips with a little help from 90s music. For Valentine’s, I compile some dodgy romantic advice from old self-help guides. Meanwhile, I’m editing my 2nd novel.

March – I visit Kew Gardens to see the spring flowers. Annoyed by the trend of describing books as thrillers when they aren’t, I try to define a thriller.

Green parakeet in blossom tree at Kew Gardens.

April – I celebrate 6 months since publishing We Watch You. I consider the 10 types of book reviewer, dust off an old short story and discuss how I write book reviews (again).

May – I see Gary Numan at the O2 Leicester. I review 3 books which turn out to be favourites of the year. I also write about why I bother blogging at all.

June – I dust off another old short story to put on the blog. I review 5 books from NetGalley and am a bit disappointed by them all.

July – My short story ‘The Glowing Beauty’ is included in a charity anthology, Amazing Offer! from Brigids Gate Press. I review Crowded House at the Castlefield Bowl.

Book cover of Amazing Offer! published by Brigids Gate Press.

August – I ask whether fictional characters should be likeable. I review the anthology Amazing Offer!

September – I see Turin Brakes just after they release their new album, I visit the British Museum, write a poem about a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes and have a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

October – I attend my 4th gig of the year, Franz Ferdinand at Alexandra Palace. I take a look at what I was reading 10 years ago and celebrate 40 years of the CD.

Selection of colourful music CDs.

NovemberI publish my 2nd novel They Lie Here! I begin 2 newsletters on Substack: N S Ford Newsletter for my books ‘n’ writing updates and The Indie Books & Authors Newsletter to spread the word about amazing indie books. Oh, and I join Facebook and decide it’s not worth the stress, because they keep suspending me. I also join Mastodon and have a much better experience.

December – I celebrate 1 month of They Lie Here. I take a look at what I was reading 5 years ago (just before starting the blog). Cake is also talked about.

They Lie Here by N S Ford, paperback copies.

Happy New Year, see you soon.

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