‘A Strange Belief: Weird Stories’ by N S Ford is now available to pre-order!

I have a new book out soon! A Strange Belief: Weird Stories will be released on October 5th. As with my previous short story collection, After the Burning, it will be a Kindle book and also part of Kindle Unlimited. In fact, I have created a ‘Short Story Collections’ series page on Amazon, anticipating that I’ll write more of them. I’m quite proud of the cover for A Strange Belief – I made it myself and it is very ‘me’. A few months ago, I asked my fans on Twitter which genre of short stories I should write next. ‘Weird fiction’ won, so I had fun crafting these odd stories which I hope you’ll enjoy. The book is available to pre-order (here is the link on Amazon UK and US) and you can now add it to your Goodreads ‘want to read’ list!

Book cover, showing an upside down pylon against a lurid sky.

Eight strange tales, some dark, some delightful. Unique and curious, these stories will frighten and amaze you.

Shudder at the ancient horror waiting in an old well. Marvel at a man with a very unusual and delicious disorder. Confuse dreams with reality at your peril. Admire the seeker of gold pursued by flames. Fear the slippery creatures which slither through the night. Muse upon the unknowable inner life of inanimate objects. Descend into paranoia as you listen to the wearer of the tinfoil hat. Join a cult which began from mysterious footprints in the sand…

Are you ready to encounter some strange beliefs? Then dive into this story collection and immerse yourself in the weird world of N S Ford, author of After the BurningThey Lie Here and We Watch You.

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