Awkward! – Horrible cooking

Novelty apron on? Check. Oven pre-heated? Check. Recipe book open? Check. Then it’s time to work your kitchen magic.

You’re cooking a meal for friends and family. It’s a special occasion, so you feel a little pressured into making sure the food is lovely. You want everyone to be impressed by your superior culinary skills. This is going to be the best meal they’ve ever had, you’re going to make sure of that. For years to come, your guests will remember the perfection of this dinner party fare.

So you get started, confidently. And – amazing as it may seem – it all goes to plan. You bring out the dishes and your guests comment that the food looks and smells fantastic. You smile, gratified and somewhat relieved.

Then each person takes their first mouthful. Except for you; you want to see their reactions first.

Silence as everyone chews. Water is sipped. Some of your guests won’t meet your eye. Others acquire fixed grins and say earnestly how gorgeous the food is.

Suspicious, you test the items on your plate.

You’re a failure. The food is horrible. Even though you followed this tried and trusted recipe. Something went wrong with it and now the food will not be a talking point. Instead, the subject will be avoided as much as possible.

You watch the guests forcing down the chow and hope that the dessert you’ve made will save your reputation…

Awkward! is a series about those tricky situations we encounter in everyday life. Previous episodes were about pavement battles and touching hands…

8 thoughts on “Awkward! – Horrible cooking”

    1. It can also be the other way round… it actually turns out good when everyone expects it to be bad 🙂

    1. And the awful thing is, no one tells you it’s bad, they’re too polite 😀

  1. O
    How relatable this is to me!! Ahahahaha I just experienced this few months ago, NS! My parents chowed down some chicken I fried, which I worked on laboriously on its taste, seasoning it to perfection. They gave some really positive comments!! I was elated until I tried them for myself omg THEY WERE ROCK-HARD, NS!!! ???

    1. Oh no! And my blog post brought the horrors of this back to you!
      Difficulty is that politeness means your guests always try the food before the cook.
      I hope you’ve had better luck with your cooking since 😉

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