‘I have triumphed / Fought the advancing centuries and won.’

I wrote this poem last year for a competition. You had to write about an attraction in the Newark and Sherwood District (Nottinghamshire, England). I chose Newark Castle because it’s awe-inspiring to think of all the history behind it. I didn’t win, but I enjoyed writing the poem.


‘Guardian of the Trent’

Here I stand, fortress of grey stone
True, I am battered and scarred by the
Turbulence of Time.
Sieges, bombardment, revolution:
All have left their mark.
Witness to a king’s death,
Boom of cannons, scourge of plague,
I have triumphed,
Fought the advancing centuries and won.
My ruined walls remain,
Saved from total destruction.
Today, there is peace in town.
Serene, I watch the seasons change,
People come and go, my mighty heritage

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