On this day: Norris marries her English man

10th June 1793. Norris Scully married William English in the Parish of St Marylebone, Westminster.

Norris made an ‘x’ in the signature box; she was illiterate and could not sign her own name. They were married by Benjamin Lawrence, Curate. 

This information was from a parish register. I couldn’t find anything more about this couple, but I hope they had a long and happy marriage. Norris seems an unusual name, especially for a woman. William has of course been a popular name for at least a thousand years!

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2 thoughts on “On this day: Norris marries her English man”

  1. I used to love spending time on Ancestry when I had my subscription a few years back. Managed to trace my mums side back to the 1780’s. Finding snippets of more personal things like how they meet, where they lived/worked interested me. I did some house history for myself and a friend looking for just one house and who lived there rather than looking for a ancestor was really interesting to. To know the names of the people that have lived in the house before you us great! ?. Enjoy your searches!

  2. That’s amazing, I love it when people are able to trace their ancestors centuries back! Last time I was on Ancestry it was interesting to browse rather than look for specific names. I get excited whenever there’s a ‘free’ weekend on!

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