On this day: Jeremiah Salter’s birthday

25th January 1896. Jeremiah Salter was born to James (a general labourer) and Sarah. He had three older brothers. During the First World War, he served in the Machine Gun Corps. In 1939 he was a parking attendant in Totnes, Devon, the town which saw his birth and death.

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4 thoughts on “On this day: Jeremiah Salter’s birthday”

    1. I know! So many of us are lucky to have not been through times like those. I have a lot of respect and awe for everyone who fought in the war. It must have been difficult to get back to a normal life for those lucky enough to return.

    1. Yes, and everyone was just supposed to keep calm and carry on with normal life afterwards. I have a lot of respect for the previous generations, I really do. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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