On this day: Kathleen Crofts’ birthday

15th April 1921. Kathleen Crofts was born. Eighteen years later, she was a shorthand typist and clerk in Leicester. At the time, she lived with her grandad John (a retired bricklayer) and her parents William (a manufacturer’s agent) and Gertrude (a market trader). In 1948 she sailed to New Zealand via Singapore and returned the next year. Her occupation was hotel receptionist, with a last address in Skegness. She died at the young age of 53.

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4 thoughts on “On this day: Kathleen Crofts’ birthday”

  1. This caught my interest (my first time seeing this type of post of yours). Made me want to know more about Kathleen and, in particular, how you knew about her. I look forward to more (and learning to live with only a little bit of knowledge of the person, a challenge for me – tee hee).

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you find it interesting! Each of these posts has a link back to my ‘ordinary people’ post, in which I explain why/how I’m doing this – the info is from Ancestry. The intriguing thing (and unfortunately for your curiosity) is that I don’t know anything more about the people I feature.

  2. And though these are just the facts of her life, you have to wonder, why did she choose to go to New Zealand, and why come back so soon too?🤔. Love these snippets of real people who lived ☺️☺️☺️

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