N S Ford’s Information Superhighway: ‘OZ magazine’

I used to be a librarian and I still have the urge to point out awesome free resources to people. So here’s the start of another series – great information resources which are free to access online and which do not have the name ‘Wiki’ in the title. I have called it the ‘information superhighway’ purely because I love this outdated term for the internet. No one says it any more. Except me, obviously.

This month I’m featuring OZ magazine, a slice of 60s and 70s counterculture which you can download for free!

Published from 1967 – 1973, the famous (and notorious) magazine featured music, politics, sex, commentary, interviews, artwork, reviews and adverts. The content is really fascinating – and sometimes shocking, at least to me – and is a brilliant resource for getting a flavour of the times.

The 48 issues are available to download ‘for research purposes’ (i.e. not for commercial use) via the University of Wollongong, Australia, by permission of editor Richard Neville. Check it out: https://ro.uow.edu.au/ozlondon/

Warning: the resource is unsuitable for minors and also may potentially cause offence to some readers.

The link to the resource was correct at the time of the blog post’s publication.

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