Plans for the blog in 2020

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to another great year of blogging. Here’s what I’ve got lined up:

  • Book reviews. My usual mixture of fiction, non-fiction, old and new books. I’m hoping to do more re-reads this year, which may or may not be reviewed. It can be difficult to distance yourself from a favourite book enough to review it!
  • More posts in my ‘film of the book’,Β ‘ordinary people’ and ‘time-travelling bookworm’ series. I will not be doing any more ‘brilliant blog posts’ or ‘character of the month’ posts but I’m sure to have new ideas as the year progresses.
  • TV reviews will continue to crop up, as I’ll be continuing the Simon Reeve seriesΒ until I’ve reviewed all of his programmes, plus if I have any strong views on other programmes then I may write about them.
  • Music is another topic I’ll be blogging more about – it’s equally important to me as books! I may do a series on my favourite albums. I’ve already written about music that sparks memories for me and music videos.
  • The occasional bit of creative writing. I always seem to lose subscribers whenever I post a little poem or short story. Well, it’s their loss. I also intend to complete my book this year – it’s a psychological thriller which I’m editing to make novel-length. When I finish it, I’ll be sure to let you know.
  • Random posts. I don’t have any planned as yet, but that’s the way with random posts. They just happen.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, liked, shared or commented – I appreciate your support and hope that you continue to enjoy my blog!

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