Plans for the blog in 2023

This is almost a copy ‘n’ paste job from last year. Almost!

Firstly, some exciting news if you’re yet to read They Lie Here. The ebook is only 99p / 99 cents on Amazon until the 8th of January. Why not grab a thrilling bargain for your Kindle?!

Book cover of They Lie Here by N S Ford

Secondly, here’s what I’ve got planned for 2023:

  • Book reviews – as usual, a mixture of new and old, fiction and non-fiction. This year I plan to read more indie books, all of which will get short reviews in The Indie Books & Authors Newsletter and my favourites of these will be on the blog too.
  • Bookish features – on whatever topic captures my imagination.
  • ‘Film of the book’ posts – in which I compare a film adaptation to the original book.
  • Writing updates – any significant news about my novels We Watch You and They Lie Here, plus news on my next writing projects! I plan to publish at least one new book this year.
  • Creative writing – wacky poems, strange short stories and random things.
  • Other features – such as reviews of live events, music reviews, discussion posts, anything else I want to write about.

Finally, thank you to everyone who takes an interest in my blog, especially my followers and those who share my posts on social media. You are all much appreciated 🙂

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