‘They Lie Here’ – 1 month on!

On November the 4th, this year’s most gripping and unpredictable thriller was launched upon the reading public! I’m not exaggerating (well, not much…) – I guarantee you won’t guess the ending. I wrote the kind of book I’d love to read myself, so it has more twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti, a contemporary British setting, a 1980s music theme, untrustworthy characters and a fast pace with short chapters.

If you haven’t got your copy of They Lie Here yet, please consider purchasing a paperback or Kindle book from Amazon, or downloading on Kindle Unlimited. I know that things are tough for everyone at the moment, what with inflation and the rising cost of living, but it’s especially challenging for independently-published authors because they don’t have the marketing power that the big publishing houses do and it’s pretty hard to get noticed by people who’d really love your book, if only they knew about it.

Following on from that, I have launched The Indie Books & Authors Newsletter to help promote indie books, particularly new releases. The content is mostly free, although there is a low-cost paid option which allows for advertising in the Newsletter. It’s a weekly publication and I’m sure I’ll never be short of material for it! Please do check it out and if you enjoy it, spread the word, as the more people who are aware of this multi-genre promotional venture, the more useful it will be for the indie authors and readers community. Contributions of news and reviews are very welcome; please get in touch if you’d like these included.

I also have my fortnightly writing ‘n’ blogging newsletter, the second edition of which is due out this Sunday. You may ask where I get the time to put together two newsletters, keep this blog going, all the promotion that goes with these, plus reading a lot of books and having a life around it all… As I said, you may ask! Let’s just say I’m going to be very busy from now on.

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