‘We Watch You’ – 1 month to go!

Only 1 more month until the publication of my debut thriller! In this post I will tell you about my plans for the launch and also give the latest links for the book.

The ebook for Kindle is now available to pre-order on Amazon for £1.99 in the UK and for similar value prices in the other Amazon regions. It is also included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription. If you pre-order, the book will be delivered to your device on the launch day – 1st October!

For those of you who prefer physical copies of books, don’t worry – there will be a paperback too. Officially, the launch day is 1st October, but as I don’t have the option to make the paperback available to pre-order, I’ll be publishing it a few days beforehand for logistical reasons.

We Watch You is now on Goodreads so you can mark it ‘Want to Read’ (you know you want to!), add your ratings and reviews, or even interact with me. I’m a Goodreads Author! I’m still quite new to the site but I am now adding my current reads and selected reviews.

The first review of the book is now live! Please visit The Busy Shelf to see a very thoughtful, honest and well-written review. If you’re not following Anda’s blog already, I highly recommend it for an eclectic variety of reviews and bookish discussions.

Want to read an exclusive extract from the book? Then please check out this post at Lee’s Hall of Information. I highly recommend following Lee’s blog for a mix of writing resources, author features and reviews.

*** Launch day plans! ***

1st October is the launch day (in case I haven’t mentioned it before…!) and I will be running not one, but two giveaways! One of them on Twitter and the other for my blog’s email subscribers. They’ll be open internationally. The details will be in my launch day blog post, so watch this space…

I’ll be sharing links to the publication day posts and reviews of other bloggers on Twitter and generally cluttering up your feeds with promoting my book! I’ll be posting on Instagram to celebrate the launch and let people know about the giveaways, but my following is not very large on there so I’ll be focusing on Twitter and my blog as the main platforms. I will add a post to my Goodreads Author blog too.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has pre-ordered, agreed to review / promote, supported, or shown interest in the book.

PS. In July I revamped my blog to match the book cover! I think it looks much better now and a bit more 21st century. If you’re viewing this post via email or the WP Reader, please do consider visiting the blog to take a look at the new design.

2 thoughts on “‘We Watch You’ – 1 month to go!”

  1. Hi, I’ve finished reading the book, so good and wow, such an amazing final twist!!! I certainly didn’t see that coming! Don’t worry I won’t spoil anything by commenting amy more here but I’m writing up my review and I just wanted to ask if you’d still like to do an interview on my blog? I could post the interview on launch day and my review a few days before so there’s a link to it in the interview? I need to come up with the questions first so if you don’t mind waiting a couple of days or so (I’m so behind in everything I’m doing), if you still want to do it? Sorry I would have opened up my email to connect but then saw this post and thought I’d just comment to make it quicker. 🙂
    Good luck with the launch! 😀

    1. Hi there! That’s great, I’m so glad you liked it! Of course, interview would be brilliant if not too much trouble for you. Please do email me some questions. Review before interview sounds like a good plan! Thanks for the good luck wishes! 🙂

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