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My latest book is Hall of Hauntings: Spooky Stories which is now available to buy for Kindle or download on KU! Do you dare to read these six spooky stories of the supernatural? A must-read collection of creepy tales!

Hall of Hauntings, showing ghostly figure on a creepy staircase.

A Strange Belief: Weird Stories is available to buy for Kindle or download on KU! Eight strange tales, some dark, some delightful. Unique and curious, these stories will frighten and amaze you.

Book cover, showing an upside down pylon against a lurid sky.

After the Burning: Dystopian Short Stories is available to buy for Kindle or download on KU! Five spine-chillingly plausible tales for our times.

They Lie Here – a gripping mystery thriller with a sci-fi twist is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats, including Kindle Unlimited! Please do check it out: UK link, US link. Remember to leave feedback on Amazon and Goodreads, it’s super-helpful for this indie author.

We Watch You – a dark psychological thriller with a speculative twist is available from Amazon in Kindle (including Kindle Unlimited) and paperback editions. What the reviewers say: “A refreshing take on the genre” – “An addictive read” – “The suspense was killing me” – “Brilliant and eerie” – “Written very skilfully” – “Mind-blowing ending” – “Wow the twists!!”

I also have a short story, ‘The Glowing Beauty’, in a charity anthology by Brigids Gate Press. Amazing Offer! is available in Kindle and paperback editions.

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