Review of ‘Close to Death’ by Anthony Horowitz

The latest in the Hawthorne series was unfortunately a disappointing read for me. It was clever, but what I enjoy most about this series – the author being a character, with an intriguing mix of fact and fiction – was mostly absent this time. The author is obliged to write another book about Hawthorne, but instead of working on a current case, he writes about an old one which has already been investigated, set in a community of wealthy neighbours in Richmond. This leads to mostly third-person narration as he imagines how the events unfolded, based upon what Hawthorne has told him and some extra digging. I appreciate the ingenuity of the novel, which was more apparent the further I read, but I found it quite tiresome. I have to admit that I’m not really a murder mystery fan, so if you are then I’m sure you’ll like the book. What I read this series for is the narrative style, which was a bit lacking in this instalment. Sadly I’m not going to continue reading this series.

Thank you to the publisher Cornerstone for the advance copy via NetGalley. Publication date 11th April.

Book cover shows a dart upright with its shadow resembling a pen.

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