Review of ‘Don’t Lie’ by Sarah Jules

A dark, disturbing and entertaining thriller! It’s the kind of book where you think you know where it’s going but then the author throws in a huge twist and shock ending. Although it’s described as a ‘young adult horror novel’, the content and strong language in the book, plus the main characters being university students, suggest to me that it’s more suitable for adults nostalgic for slasher movies such as Halloween and Scream.

Don't Lie, showing a black hill and slashed through title.

The story is from the viewpoints of a group of students staying in a caravan. One of them is the subject of a prank which, inevitably, escalates into a nightmare. They are hiding secrets and their mysterious stalker is determined to expose them all. There is no let-up in this fast-paced, jump-scare, claustrophobic novel. The characters are given just enough background to ensure they are differentiated and flawed, but not enough to make you care whether they are murdered or not, which is ideal for this kind of story! I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a quick, page-turning horror thriller.

Independently published in 2023.

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