Review of ‘History is a Lie’ by Morton R Leader

A crime thriller and conspiracy novel with a supernatural element, this is an unusual book with an ambitious range of settings, time periods and characters.

It begins with a serial killer getting something he didn’t bargain for – an alleged vampire as a victim. The vampire starts to tell his life story. Events go back and forth between the present and the distant past. The chapters also cut to the police, who are closing in on the serial killer. Then the story shifts focus and I won’t give any more away. It’s quite a strange novel, very unpredictable (which for me is always a good thing) with a strongly political sense and a lot of violent action. I have to admit that due to the violence and the historical eras included, this is not my kind of read, yet there’s never a dull moment and it’s not a book I’m likely to forget! The conspiracy element of the novel is chilling and goes right up to recent events. It will certainly make you think.

The book could benefit from more proofreading, as there were quite a few typos, punctuation errors and malapropisms in the text. Not everyone will be as bothered or notice them, however.

Independently published in 2021.

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