Kew Gardens on a sunny Easter Sunday

The weather was glorious. Bees and butterflies flew through the perfumed air. Many people had decided to visit Kew to make the most of their leisure time but there was plenty of space for everyone. I had gone to see the tulips, as last Spring they were not out yet.

Tulips at Kew Gardens

White tulips at Kew Gardens

The glasshouses were crowded and rather hot. I was pleasantly surprised to see a purple water-lily. There was a jade vine of a most striking colour and the cacti were truly enormous.

'Stowaway Blues' waterlily at Kew Gardens

Jade vine at Kew Gardens

Cacti at Kew Gardens

Most of the magnolias were past their best, but one with yellow blooms was at its peak and smelled divine.

Magnolia at Kew Gardens

Narcissi nodded their heads everywhere you looked.

Narcissi at Kew Gardens

A cacophony of birds were seen and heard. Magpies, crows, seagulls, wood pigeons, Egyptian geese, even a jay which I was not quick enough to photograph.

Egyptian geese at Kew Gardens

Silver birch at Kew Gardens

This time I explored the woodland walk and natural area, which I hadn’t been to before. I realised that I liked this wilder part of the Gardens better than the formal displays. I saw only pockets of bluebells, so perhaps it was too early in the season for the ‘carpets’ of bluebells supposed to be there. An unexpected delight was a mini-meadow of snake’s head fritillary, the purple chequered bell-shaped flowers rising from the long grass.

Snakeshead fritillary at Kew Gardens

Snakeshead fritillary at Kew Gardens

Many trees were laden with blossom, with families having picnics beneath. The beauty of the Gardens was just incredible. I really didn’t want to leave. It’s my third visit and no doubt I’ll be returning!

Blossom at Kew Gardens

Blossom at Kew Gardens

6 thoughts on “Kew Gardens on a sunny Easter Sunday”

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the photos! I wish I could live there, in the Gardens. What the photos can’t convey is the scents in the air…

  1. Lovely photos! It has been a while since I visited, but you’ve made me want to go again. Good thing, you went there Sunday, not Monday….

    1. Thanks! Kew in the Spring is a must-visit 🙂 I decided to take advantage of the weather and luckily there were no issues with transport despite it being Easter Sunday.

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