Review of ‘The Burning Air’ by Erin Kelly

Another well-crafted, twisty thriller from Erin Kelly! This is the fourth of her books I’ve read, the others being The Poison Tree, The Sick Rose and He Said / She Said.

The focus of this book is the MacBride family, privileged and a little arrogant but essentially nice people. After the death of Lydia, the matriarch of the family, they all gather in Devon. However, the new girlfriend of Felix (one of the sons) is trusted to babysit while they are out at a festival. When they return, she has gone and so has the baby. The story then re-starts from longer ago, using various events and narratives to get us back to the present, where of course nothing is as it seems.

Usually I avoid stories with a ‘missing child’ theme but The Burning Air, despite the packaging, is not really about the missing child. It’s about revenge, jealousy, guilt and how far people will go to protect their families. I found it very compelling and despite the length of over 300 pages, read it within 24 hours.

If you want twists and turns, realistic characters, darkness and tension, this book is highly recommended.

First published in 2013.

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    1. Thanks! Yes I think you would like this author if you’re looking for more thrillers.

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