The time-travelling bookworm: ‘Red Velvet’ by Carol Hedges

I have absolutely no recollection of reading this book. Mind you, I’ve read a lot of books since I completed this one in October 2002. Only a limited number will stick in my memory.

When the random number generator landed on this book, I thought the name of Carol Hedges sounded familiar. It turns out that posts from her occasionally pop up in my Twitter feed.

Here’s the blurb of Red Velvet, which was first published in 2001:

As soon as she walks into the old Tudor mansion, Elly senses that something is wrong, that the house itself is hostile towards her. But why should it hate her when she’s never been there before? Then strange things start happening to her, she hears ghostly singing, sees people in the woods dressed in old-fashioned clothes, and hears threatening voices in the house. Then she learns that the skeleton of a girl, dressed in red velvet, was found in an old chest in one of the bedrooms. She decides to try to solve the ancient mystery, but in digging up the distant past she uncovers secrets about her own family history which will have a lasting effect on her whole future.

It sounds like a decent premise for a ghost story. I would’ve been drawn to the book cover while I browsed in the teens’ section of the library. I couldn’t resist a book with a skull on the front.

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6 thoughts on “The time-travelling bookworm: ‘Red Velvet’ by Carol Hedges”

  1. Omg the cover creeped me out, NS! Well I have problems recalling books I’ve read too! Lol oh well, time for a re-read or just move on to the next one 😅

    1. Sorry for the creeping out 😉
      I don’t think it’s the kind of book I would pick up now! But I used to borrow about 12 books from the Young Adult section of the library every few weeks and most of them would be horror/ghost stories.

    1. I used to read so many books as a teen (a lot more than now) I would be surprised to remember half of them! I probably wouldn’t go for books with skulls on the cover now…

  2. Got to admit that it’s a bit sad that we can’t remember everything single book we read but at least this makes rereading such a cool idea! I haven’t heard of this one before but it sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    1. Yes… I suppose if we could remember the books, re-reading wouldn’t be as good. I don’t have the urge to re-read this one though. I’ve kept records of my reading from 2002 onwards so it can be interesting what turns up 😉

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