The time-travelling bookworm: ‘Three of Diamonds’ by Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz’s ‘Diamond Brothers’ stories are funny, clever and not just for children. Three novels about dim-witted detective Tim and sharp little brother Nick were followed by three short stories, which were collected into this 2004 edition: Three of Diamonds (annoyingly this was later re-published as Four of Diamonds with the addition of another story, The Greek Who Stole Christmas). Titled The Blurred Man, The French Confection and I Know What You Did Last Wednesday, these tales have the trademark puns and larger-than-life characters found in Horowitz’s detective fiction. I’ve read the book three times, most recently three years ago. There seem to be a lot of coincidental ‘threes’ here.

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4 thoughts on “The time-travelling bookworm: ‘Three of Diamonds’ by Anthony Horowitz”

    1. You know I like a laugh, Jee – and this book certainly does it! I mean it’s not great literature or anything but it’s an easy read 😀

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