Review of ‘The White Goblin’ by Ul de Rico

This sequel to the stunning picture book The Rainbow Goblins is a rare find now, as the 1996 edition has not, as far as I know, been reprinted. I really felt the urge to buy this sequel and managed to get it from eBay for half the usual asking price. It’s in good condition apart from an indentation on the front cover and ink stain on the bottom edge of the pages.

The concept of the story is that the White Goblin, who was banished by the Rainbow Goblins, is now free to go on a colour-drinking rampage. He then has a vision of tall buildings and persuades the Cave Goblins, who are living harmoniously beneath the earth, to help him build cities. However, their greed causes eco-disaster, the world becomes colourless and the White Goblin can no longer control the capitalists he created.

Although there are some similarities to the previous book, this one is more complex, with more text and some truly terrifying apocalyptic scenes. Again there are religious parallels, with the White Goblin apparently baptising the cave-dwellers and literally opening their eyes, but he is a rogue messiah as he unintentionally brings a biblical level of destruction to the world.

I can’t find any information about the medium of Ul de Rico’s artwork for this book, but it looks like watercolour to me. Even if it’s oils, I don’t think they are on oak panels this time, as the images aren’t as grainy. The artwork is incredible although not always brightly coloured.

If you enjoyed The Rainbow Goblins, it’s well worth tracking down the sequel to add to your collection.

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    1. I love books with amazing artwork! I have quite a few picture books which so much attention to detail. It is on my shelf with my other coffee table books 🙂

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