Review of ‘True Tales of Haunted Toys’ by Tina Vantyler

If you want to scare yourself silly this spooky season, read this book. It’s the fourth in this series of ‘true tales’, in which people have told the author about their experiences. I think it’s actually the most frightening in the series. The idea of an evil spirit possessing a child’s toy – something innocent, like a doll or teddy bear – is horrifying.

Book cover showing an antique doll.

The tales in this short, easy-to-read collection include a puzzle with a ghost in the picture; a vicious scooter with no one riding it; an ancient toy monkey (not a cymbal-playing one though!), a cricket bat with a mind of its own; a cursed woodblock stamping set; a plastic digger with a tragic story, a malevolent set of Russian dolls, a children’s toy telephone which communicates with spirits and even a haunted dog squeaker toy!

In summary, a collection of extremely creepy tales which will probably give you nightmares. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Independently published in 2022.

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