TV review: ‘Press Gang’ (1989 – 1993)

A brilliant TV show about a group of teenagers who run The Junior Gazette, a newspaper for young people, Press Gang is well worth watching. Although it was targeted at teens, the maturity level and grounding in the real world means that it is suitable for adults too. Over five series, we follow the ups and downs in the lives of the newspaper staff, particularly the turbulent relationship between ruthless editor Lynda (Julia Sawalha) and wisecracking investigator Spike (Dexter Fletcher). Other characters include dodgy dealer Colin (Paul Reynolds), star journalist Sarah (Kelda Holmes) and loyal but confused Frazz (Mmoloki Chrystie). There is a lot of comedy in the programme but serious themes are explored, such as drugs, child abuse, suicide and terrorism. The filming style is interesting, often making use of flashbacks which keep you guessing. Quite often an episode will start with the aftermath and then unpick the story. The concluding episode is maddeningly good, ending the final series on a cliffhanger. Written by Steven Moffat and originally released on CITV, it’s an extremely impressive programme and if you have access to it I highly recommend that you check it out.

Title screen showing Junior Gazette newspaper with 'Press Gang' stamped over it.

Low-resolution image from Wikipedia, which I believe qualifies as fair use.

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