Review of ‘With Bare Feet and Sandy Toes: Growing Up in Australia in the 1960s and 70s’ by Catherine Berry

I enjoyed this well-written, easy to read memoir, which is the author’s third. I certainly want to check out her previous books.

Book cover of With Bare Feet and Sandy Toes by Catherine Berry

Catherine tells us about her childhood, growing up in an Adelaide suburb in a strict yet eccentric family and attending a Catholic school. While it’s not a particularly exceptional childhood, I liked the way that she wrote about it. The style is quite literary and thoughtful without being overly nostalgic. I’m not sure there was anything that significantly made it a 60s / 70s memoir, because she didn’t have a television or know about pop music, due to an upbringing that was both conservative and not wealthy. If it had been set a decade or two earlier, I wouldn’t be surprised. The same principle applies to the location, because although there are some elements which are uniquely Australian, the book doesn’t dwell on Australia and so again, with a few tweaks to the text, it could be set in Britain or the US. This isn’t a disadvantage and actually it helps to make the memoir more relatable. I wasn’t so interested in the sports element of the book, but other readers might be.

I liked how the epilogue told us a little about her current life and the events which made her decide to write the memoir. The book overall is charming and heartfelt.

Independently published in 2022.

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2 thoughts on “Review of ‘With Bare Feet and Sandy Toes: Growing Up in Australia in the 1960s and 70s’ by Catherine Berry”

  1. It is always interesting to read reviews of one’s books, particularly when they are well-written and insightful. You have left me with food for thought. Thank you!

    1. It’s always nerve-wracking when an author reads my review! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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