Review of ‘Amazing Offer!’ edited by S D Vassallo and Elle Turpitt

This is a fantastic collection of short stories and poems. I’m not just saying that because one of mine is featured in the book! It really is a great read. Every piece of writing is thought-provoking and entertaining. The theme is vintage adverts. I do find that a fascinating topic. There weren’t so many advertising regulations in the old days, so products would be marketed almost as if they were magic and would transform your life. I liked how the stories were all set in the real world with fantasy or horror elements. They weren’t at all predictable either.

There are 5 poems and 13 stories. Those that particularly stood out for me included ‘Madame’s Wondrous Toilet Mask’ by Sarah J Huntington, ‘Dark Corners’ by Edward Barnfield, ‘Special Delivery’ by Julie Sevens and ‘No Fixed Abode’ by Ben Walker. I couldn’t quite see the link to vintage ads for a couple of the stories, perhaps it was too subtle for me to grasp. However, everything in this anthology is worth reading. The cover design by Ellen Avigliano is excellent; if you look closely at the ads on the cover, you’ll see how well they fit the theme.

Amazing Offer! is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions, published by Brigids Gate Press. All proceeds from the book will go a charity, the International Rescue Committee.

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