Cherry tomatoes: a poem

Scarlet jewels are simmering bright,
We’ll be having soup tonight!
I grew you all from a packet of seed,
Gave you everything you need:
Water, compost, sun, shade,
Never a pesticide was sprayed.
The heatwave helped you multiply,
Yet your soil was never dry.
I nurtured you, from seed, to shoot,
To bush, to flowers, to swelling fruit.
I picked you when the weather was hot…
Now you’re in the cooking pot!

6 thoughts on “Cherry tomatoes: a poem”

  1. What a fun poem! Love it–and it also makes me hungry! I’m currently slaving over my very first sestina (in iambic pentameter, because I’m nuts!) and it’s a fun challenge.

    1. Thanks! I am just trying to decide what to do with the latest harvest, I have already done soup. Good luck with the sestina! I’m sure it will be a lot more sophisticated than any poetry I can do.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I have loads more now. They are very tasty, organic and grown outdoors!

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