Review of ‘Creepy Sheen’ by Rebecca Gransden

This is a collection of strange short stories with a very apt title. They are horror stories, but subtly done. I can detect some tones of Stephen King, H P Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury, plus a hint of Stranger Things. If you like weird stories with elements of noir and nostalgia, this is a book to check out.

The variety of styles and perspectives in this collection is interesting, especially towards the end. The stories aren’t explicitly linked to each other but they all fit together into a cohesive whole. I found them very unsettling. The writing style is too descriptive for my taste, with an overabundance of detail, but on the other hand this allows for a televisual quality. I could picture everything very clearly. It’s a memorable read, one that could give you apocalyptic nightmares! The concept of the book is so imaginative and cool, too – I won’t explain it here, it’s best if you read it on the author’s blog. Also, isn’t the cover design brilliant?

Thank you very much to the author for the review copy. Creepy Sheen was published in April – please visit Rebecca Gransden’s blog for details.


4 thoughts on “Review of ‘Creepy Sheen’ by Rebecca Gransden”

  1. I don’t really read horror, but I tend to love books with an alternative / clever structure and concept. Who knows, maybe it could be for Halloween this year?

    1. I don’t often read horror, it usually turns out to be gory rather than scary – this is more on the side of scary / weird 🙂

  2. Ahhh…..the cover piques my interest! I love weird stories haha but it being overly descriptive might be a little too much for me. Great review, NS!

    1. It’s a great cover, I love the colour combination. There is a lot of description, which wasn’t for me, but no doubt the stories are weird and I hope they get lots of readers. Thanks Jee! 🙂

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