Review of ‘Envy’ by Tim Beeden

A hilarious adventure with a Terry Pratchett vibe, this is the second novel in the Seven Deadly and Four series but you don’t need to have read Greed first. It’s a standalone story, although it’s set in the same place, the city of Calver.

The protagonist is Charlie Lightfoot, from the grim Backstreets of the city. He learns to play the fiddle and has ambitions for a musical career. However, other people don’t like the idea of him going up in the world and will do anything to stop him.

With a cast of memorable characters – kick-ass heroes, posh villains, friendly mercenaries, tough innkeepers and dodgy salespeople – and tons of funny dialogue, this is a very entertaining read which encourages us to follow our dreams, be loyal to our friends and honest, even if it gets us into trouble. I think this novel is an improvement upon Greed, which was a very good debut. I look forward to the next in the series.

Independently published in 2022.

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