Review of ‘Flash Evans, Camera News Hawk’ by Frank Bell

I enjoyed reading the first book of photographer Jimmy ‘Flash’ Evans’ adventures, so I was back for more! These little-known books, written under a pseudonym of the author of some early Nancy Drew books, are quick, action-packed reads with no messing about. Flash goes on a month-long vacation in this story but it’s the opposite of relaxation, as he can never pass an opportunity for great pictures for the local newspaper. After a train crash lands his friend Joe in hospital, Jimmy steps in to shoot footage for news reels. He and the sound technician, Doyle, do not get on at all. They are drawn into a mystery involving a missing spy, a parachute test and a sinister polo player, plus there is a forest fire to escape from. Flash has a lot of luck and you know everything will turn out all right for him. He has no character development but it doesn’t seem to matter. As the book was published in 1940, there are interesting hints of how things were done, with cans of reels carried by plane and a lot of long-distance calls made. It’s a good read and a pity there were no more in the series. I obtained this copy from Project Gutenberg.

Book illustration of Flash Evans taking photos at a car race.

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