‘Hall of Hauntings: Spooky Stories’ by N S Ford – LAUNCH DAY!

I’m delighted – or terrified! – to announce that my new short story collection, Hall of Hauntings, is available to buy on Amazon for Kindle! It’s also included in Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy of this must-read collection of creepy stories now! 

Do you dare to read these six spooky stories of the supernatural? Feel the chills running down your spine and your pulse pounding with fear as you encounter…

The reality show in a haunted mansion where the ghosts aren’t real… are they?
Murder and mayhem at a bakery… who is the evil man in the corner?
A terrifying ancient mummy, but how is it linked to a beautiful portrait?
The old piano with a horrible history… are you afraid to play upon it?
A mysterious glowing figure with a secret to die for… what is hidden in the attic?
The deathly stillness of a barricaded library, but are the hauntings inside, or outside?

Here is the Goodreads link where you can add to your ‘want to read’ list and then review it! All ratings and reviews appreciated!

Hall of Hauntings, showing ghostly figure on a creepy staircase.

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