Life advice from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

I’ve finally watched all 7 seasons – that’s 144 episodes – of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (first aired 1997 – 2003). Set in the town of Sunnydale, on the Hellmouth (focal point of all things demonic), the series follows the adventures of Buffy Summers and her friends, juggling their love lives and personal issues with the battle against the forces of evil. The first 3 seasons are what we might describe as ‘classic’ Buffy, formulaic but fun. The later seasons tend to be more sophisticated, darker and have more adult content. Here are some bits of wisdom gleaned from Buffy and co.

Don’t know something? Then research it. Check all the musty old books written in ancient languages. Hack into the military databases. Search the newspaper archives. Go into the demon bars with your ears open.

Been asked on a date? It’s likely that your suspiciously attractive partner is actually a demon wanting to sacrifice you to open an evil portral. Make sure your friends know where you’re going so they can rescue you.

Judging someone at face value? Never. The mayor could be a monster, the new teacher could be a giant praying mantis, a nerd could be your nemesis, a petite teenage girl could be a fearsome warrior.

Practising magic? Only use spells for the greater good and not for personal reasons or your reliance on witchcraft will ruin your relationships. Avoid magic unless necessary or you’ll become addicted to the power.

Relationship problems? It may be the age difference, if you’re dating a vampire, or it may be the strain of locking up your werewolf boyfriend every full moon, or maybe it’s lust and not love.

No idea what career to pursue? Vampire slaying is a calling rather than a career, so you may need to get a job flipping burgers to make ends meet. For anyone else, use your talents and aim high.

6 thoughts on “Life advice from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’”

  1. Hahahah some of those are hilarious! I have never really had the chance to indulge an episode of Buffy but I know many vouch for it. I still can’t tell if it’s something I should test someday but you’ve got me curious! Maybe I could try the comics based on the show? 😛

    1. Another one of my wacky ideas for a blog post! I think you can live without having seen Buffy but if you’re curious then why not 😀 The comics might possibly have better storylines, those in the TV show are mostly not that good.

    1. I thought the ending to the series was spectacular. I tried watching the spin-off series Angel but just wasn’t into it.

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