Muse: a poem

I cut your name in my heart
And blaze through your skies
Because I adore you so.

You’re burning from a distance
And pushing us into self-destruction
But I’ll still take all the blame.

Look to the stars
For one moment.
I think our lives have just begun.

Remember who you are.
Take off your disguise.
Hold your hands up to the light again.

I composed this poem recently as a tribute to Muse, my favourite band as a teenager. Each line is a lyric from one of nine songs by Muse, taken from their first three albums. These CDs were always playing on my hi-fi and Walkman. Lyrics copyright Muse.

4 thoughts on “Muse: a poem”

    1. Thank you *takes a bow*
      The credit is really with the band, but I thought it would be fun to put some of their lyrics together 🙂

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