Review of ‘Our Stop’ by Laura Jane Williams

In the mood for a fun contemporary rom-com? Then give this book a try. It was good escapism on a rainy July day.

The story follows the ‘missed connections’ of two London commuters, Nadia and Daniel. You know they will meet in the end, after a lot of misunderstandings and mishaps along the way. They are credible, amusing characters, along with their other wealthy hipster friends. The book is set in a specific kind of scene with particular kinds of people. Nothing wrong with that, although if the writing style hadn’t been so compelling then I might have found everything else tiresome. There are some good twists along the way and for a romance it’s not overly predictable.

The author manages to shoehorn in lots of relevant topics around love and relationships in our enlightened millennial age, which on one hand was good because it gave the book a wise tone, but on the other hand it seemed a bit preachy. Generally I liked the book and it was ideal for a binge-read, but I wouldn’t re-read.

First published in 2019 by Avon.

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