Review of ‘The Teleporter’ by Lee Hall

I enjoyed this fun, wacky short novel. It’s a mixture of satire, slapstick humour, superhero sci-fi and American noir.

The story is narrated by Kurt Wiseman, who works for a dodgy tech company and has a reliance on alcohol. He has published a graphic novel and sometimes the characters appear and talk to him. A bizarre chain of events leads to him acquiring the ability to teleport. He decides to use this superpower to help the people he meets on nights out and to bring down the evil boss of the company. He has an oddball bunch of friends who help him to gain confidence and realise he doesn’t need to drink so much. The plot is a little chaotic but I liked the references to what usually happens in superhero stories and how this one fits the pattern, or not. The characters were quite interesting, not exactly likeable, but the kind of people you can root for.

I thought that the text could have done with more proofreading, but aside from that, I found this book an entertaining memorable read which made me laugh. It also has more serious points to make about power, greed and equality.

Independently published in 2018.

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