Review of ‘The Theory of Everything Else’ by Dan Schreiber

This book is packed full of so much weird stuff. I loved it! It’s about strange theories and the people who believe them; amazing coincidences and the workings of fate. There are three levels of reaction to the weirdness in this book: raising your eyebrows in mild surprise; going ‘what the heck?’ and re-reading several times to ensure you read it correctly; and accidentally spitting out your drink. To avoid the latter, I would recommend not accompanying this book with a beverage. It is also probably best to read it where your exclamations will not disturb the people around you.

The book examines lots of bizarre beliefs, which were (or are) often held by otherwise respectable and credible people. Note that this book is not really about conspiracy theories, it’s more about pseudo-scientific beliefs. The author celebrates this oddness and insists we each have a bit of that, even the most rational of us. He’s writing from the perspective of a sceptic who is nonetheless fascinated by it all and that some things remain unexplained. It’s also quite funny at times and an easy read. The chapters have irresistible titles such as: ‘The Exorcism of Ringo Starr’, ‘Should Office Plants be Investigating Murder Cases?’, ‘Are We Only Here Because of an Alien Picnic Gone Wrong?’, ‘Are Authors Stealing their Ideas from the Future?’ and, er, ‘Where Have All the Pubic Lice Gone?’ I can’t decide which chapter was the most bizarre. Possibly ‘Will We Ever Speak Dolphinese?’ which manages to be frightening, unsavoury and hilarious all at once.

A recommended read!

Published in 2022.

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  1. I’m adding this one to my wish list, it sounds like a fascinating read. I do like a bit of pseudo-science. Wonderful review!

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