Review of ‘The Thunder Girls’ by Melanie Blake

A fabulously entertaining thriller. Even though it’s over 500 pages long (the ebook edition, that is), there’s never a dull moment. A real page-turner.

The story is about an 80s pop group, The Thunder Girls, who all went their separate ways after various terrible events drove them apart. Fast-forward thirty years and their old manager is tasked with reuniting them for a concert. The problem is, they hate each other. At the same time, people are out to get them. This might just help them put their pasts aside and work together to foil their enemies…

A rollercoaster of tabloid drama which is the right side of trashy, this book is full of larger-than-life characters who are marvellously nasty to each other. It was fun to read (and I’m sure it was fun to write, too!) but also had some serious messages, particularly about society’s perception of ageing women.

Recommended for a thunderously good read.

First published in 2019.

6 thoughts on “Review of ‘The Thunder Girls’ by Melanie Blake”

  1. I’ve just checked this one out on Amazon and I recognise the paperback cover. I have this book somewhere here! Just got to root it out and find it. It does sound amazing and obviously why I bought it in the first place lol!

    1. I found it at the library. The cover was very striking! I thought it would be a good read and it turned out much better than I expected!

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