Review of ‘True Tales of the Supernatural from the UK: Volume 2’ by Tina Vantyler

Another spine-chilling collection of ‘real ghost stories’ gathered by the author. I have to admit that, with the exception of perhaps three stories, I didn’t find them as frightening as those in the first volume. Some of them were a little vague and felt more like summaries of the spookiest things an individual had experienced, rather than a cohesive telling of one incident. The book is an easy read and quite short too, so ideal for an evening, if you’re not worried about nightmares!

Book cover of True Tales of the Supernatural by Tina Vantyler, showing a creepy house and British postbox.

There seems to be a common type of person that these incidents happen to. They are usually rational and not a believer in the supernatural, but they realise that they are ‘sensitive’ to what is beyond our ‘bandwidth’. The book is not trying to convince us that ghosts exist, or attempting to explain what ghosts could be, but is presenting the experiences of others so that you can explore your ideas on the topic. Interestingly, in the introduction, the author says that even after having her own ghostly encounter and publishing her previous book of real stories, she still wasn’t entirely sure that ghosts existed, but after putting together the present book she is convinced.

Independently published in 2021.

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