Review of ‘Waiting for Saturday’ by Catherine Morrison

This short contemporary novel brings our attention to the signs of domestic abuse and coercive control by a partner. It’s not my usual kind of read, having no twists and everything being wrapped up neatly, but I did want to keep reading as the style is direct and gripping.

The story focuses on Abi, a woman who seems to have the perfect lifestyle but is bullied by her horrible husband Kevin. He manipulates her mind so that she always thinks his behaviour is her fault. They have a little daughter, Emma. One Saturday, Abi takes Emma to a play centre and meets Henry, a divorced dad. They really hit it off but manage to avoid having an affair. However, the signs add up that Abi is in an abusive marriage and Henry is determined to help her.

I liked the realism of the story and could picture everything very well. The sense of place did confuse me, as it was a commuter town not far from London but the characters tended to use Americanisms. The writing was occasionally repetitive but on the other hand it was easy to read and relatable. I’d have preferred more character development, especially for the men, Henry and Kevin. They were very different people but I wanted to know more of their backgrounds and how they ended up the way they were. Henry in particular seemed almost too good to be true, a romantic charmer, caring teacher and wonderful dad, without a dark side, while Kevin was completely evil without the prospect of redemption.

In summary, if you’re looking for a short read with emotional impact, this book should be on your radar.

Independently published in 2021.

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