Review of ‘Who Is Maud Dixon?’ by Alexandra Andrews

An intriguing literary thriller which turned out to be smarter and more brutal than the blurb suggested. Some of the plot was predictable but I found it shocking towards the end.

The narrative follows Florence Darrow, an editorial assistant in New York who feels that life owes her something. Her career doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, when the bestselling author, the pseudonymous Maud Dixon, head-hunts her. So begins a tense, gripping journey which takes us on a wild ride to Morocco, where a car crash and a case of mistaken identity deepen the mystery.

Who is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews

One of the interesting things about this novel is how the author gets you on the side of Florence Darrow, who is not a nice person. There is an echo of The Talented Mr Ripley. You’ll be turning the pages hoping that the deception is not discovered but knowing that justice ought to win.

I thought this book was a great read and quite unusual for a thriller. I didn’t get some of the American references or fully understand some of the literary discussions but this had no impact on my experience of the story.

Published in 2021 by Tinder Press.

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    1. I hadn’t heard of it, I found it in a charity shop and took a chance, I didn’t realise it was a thriller!

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