AI authors: a poem

We are the robots! We’ll write your next bestseller.
Feed us your favourite novels, we’ll pen one even better.

We are the robots! We’ll churn out books by the million.
Relax and let us craft your tomes, you’re sure to sell a billion.

We are the robots! We’ll grace your library shelves.
Human authors are done for, stop kidding yourselves.

We are the robots! We’ll generate your writing.
There’s no need for you to create at all…
Isn’t that exciting?

This poem was inspired by the developments in AI which are affecting the creative industries, in this case the writing community. If you feel strongly about the subject of this poem, please check out the story ‘Art Club’ in my dystopian collection, After the Burning.

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8 thoughts on “AI authors: a poem”

  1. Advancements have come on so much over the last few years it is scary. I do wonder if there will be a way to notice a difference between real writing and AI writing as these programs advance?

    1. Yes, I wonder how readers will be able to tell if a book was written with AI unless there is a requirement for the author to state it. I have seen discussions on how to tell if artwork has AI elements but it is a minefield really.

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