Review of ‘A Del of a Life’ by David Jason

A fabulous autobiographical book by national treasure Sir David Jason, this is a collection of ‘life lessons’. It’s very readable, funny and interesting.

Sir David had recently turned 80 when the pandemic took hold and cleared his diary of work. The effect of this is covered in this book, which he wrote during that time. The majority of the content is a memoir of the struggles of his early career and then the difficulty of being known by many fans as ‘Del Boy’ rather than himself, while appreciating how much Only Fools and Horses means to people. It is also a tribute to his friend Ronnie Barker. I don’t know how much of this was covered in his previous books, but a lot of the details were new to me. I enjoyed the light-hearted wisdom he imparts to the reader and his opinions on how the world of acting and TV has changed. There are some nice colour photos included and a silly appendix on Cockney rhyming slang.

Published in 2020 by Century.

5 thoughts on “Review of ‘A Del of a Life’ by David Jason”

    1. It is fun – I don’t think anyone really uses much rhyming slang unless being deliberately humorous though 😉

      1. Ha–yes. It’s funny, one of my boys likes to write poetry and he’s convinced a poem must rhyme. I can’t seem to convince him otherwise, but he has time!

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