The time-travelling bookworm: ‘The Last Vampire’ by Christopher Pike

I used to really like vampire stories. I’m not keen on vampires at all now, although last year I watched all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, re-read Dracula and watched a film adaptation of it. As I’ve mentioned before, Christopher Pike was the master of 90s teen horror and I would borrow his books from the library. A few of them I have bought second-hand since and re-read (Remember Me, The Starlight Crystal, Magic Fire and Sati) but I would not be inclined to do the same for the vampire-themed ones, even though they include the sci-fi and spiritual elements which make Pike an unusual author. The Last Vampire was published in 1994 and there are now 8 sequels, alternatively known as Thirst.

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4 thoughts on “The time-travelling bookworm: ‘The Last Vampire’ by Christopher Pike”

  1. I’m currently reading a vampire-centric manga and it’s fun for what it is hahah I haven’t read books with them in a long time though. Was the Dracula adaptation the 1992 version by director Francis Ford Coppola?

    1. I watched The Lost Boys a few months ago, so very occasionally I will read or watch something vampire related but I used to be a lot more into them 😀 Yes that’s the Dracula adaptation I mentioned – I have a ‘film of the book’ blog post coming up later this year about that… I know a lot of people love this film but I really didn’t!

    1. Vampires are not for everyone… I used to read them quite often but I think it is something you tend to get into in your teens 😀

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