Review of ‘A Flight in the Heavens’ by Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr

A swashbuckling adult fantasy adventure from French Canadian author, Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr, this novel is the first in the Theurgy of the Gods series and is packed full of action.

The king is dead, long live his murderer.

After fifteen years of passive torment, Farrah and her implacable group of renegades endeavour to alter their fates by attempting to assassinate the man who stole everything from them, Daemon Daromas. Alas, he who wields the theurgy of the gods has no rivals in the lands of Iscar but those foolish enough to challenge their wrath.

When confronted by this ancient and destructive force, the renegades have no choice but to flee the capital and embark on the airship of Iscar’s most notorious sky corsair Captain Feras Sadahl, daughter of the late pirate sovereign. Their meeting with the corsair, however, might not have been as welcome as they would have hoped. As Farrah and her allies set out on a journey to find the means to challenge their oppressor, they soon discover that the price of power is steep and the road to get one’s hands on it, perilous.

I liked the blending of a fantasy world – sky pirates, deities and mythological creatures – with some of the culture and language of our world. There is a great sense of fun and adventure. As well as a tale of rebels and justice, the novel is a slow-burn romance between Feras and Farrah (pirate captain and renegade leader respectively). I think it would work well as a film adaptation. The plotting is intricate and well-organised. I have to admit it’s not my usual kind of read but the content impressed me, more than the style, which I found to be over-descriptive for my taste with a lot of overused words and expressions.

If you’re a fan of pirate adventures and you enjoy fantasy novels then A Flight in the Heavens should be on your TBR list.

Thank you to the author for the proof copy. The book was published in June and is available on Amazon.

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    1. Yes I have to admit I’m not much into series and this book was definitely leading into the next instalment. I used to mostly read series when I was a lot younger but somehow I don’t really want to read them now.

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