Announcing my new book! ‘After the Burning: Dystopian Stories’ by N S Ford

“Things did not vanish. They were cleansed away.”

Five spine-chillingly plausible tales for our times. In a society without books, a labourer makes a shocking discovery. An artist starts an underground club for art made by humans instead of artificial intelligence. Parents who refuse to have their baby implanted with a communications chip must fight for their rights. A child goes on a school trip to the extinct natural world. Just before a general election, everyone becomes addicted to a new superfood.

A must-read collection of dystopian stories. They are works of fiction but, unless we act now, will soon be a reality.

Book cover of After the Burning by N S Ford

After the Burning is available to pre-order now for Kindle and will be on Kindle Unlimited. In some ways this is a departure from my two novels, We Watch You and They Lie Here, but I have been wanting to release a short story collection for while now. I also wanted to have a go at designing a book cover myself and I’m quite pleased with the result. Let me know what you think!

Here is the link to the book on Amazon (UK) and here is the one for Amazon (US).

March 23rd is the launch day!

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