Review of ‘Haunted Healthcare’ by Richard Estep

The contents of this book do not match the very creepy cover image. For a collection of real ghost stories, they are mostly not frightening, tending to be inspirational, even heartwarming, instead. For a 50p charity shop bargain, it was a good read, but not quite what I expected. The author is both a paramedic and paranormal investigator, examining various ghostly incidents in a neutral way. The stories are from people who work in medicine and healthcare, but are told in the third person so are not in the most compelling writing style. I found the insights into the spirit world very interesting despite this and the theory that some mental and behavioural illnesses could have paranormal explanations was thought-provoking indeed. As the author notes, medical professionals are probably not going to speak out about creepy goings-on in their hospitals, which after all are supposed to be places of healing and safety. It would make sense that spirit energy is most concentrated in places where there are a lot of births, deaths and strong emotions.

Book cover shows ghostly figure hanging mid-air in hospital corridor.

Independently published in 2018.

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