The first CD single I bought was…

I don’t know if this is embarrassing or if enough time has passed for it to be retro, but the first CD single I bought, to play on my shiny new hi-fi, was ‘7 Days’ by Craig David. It might possibly have been from the bargain bin of a shop such as W H Smith or Woolworths, or I might have bought it when it was first released. The artwork was minimalist, featuring Craig David dressed in white on a white background. The single reached number 1 on the UK chart in July 2000. He previously reached number 1 with ‘Fill Me In’ and had already become popular with ‘Re-Rewind’ as the vocalist for Artful Dodger. At some point I acquired both Craig David’s debut album ‘Born to Do It’ and Artful Dodger’s ‘It’s All About the Stragglers’. Craig David was one of the biggest pop stars in the UK in the year 2000 and I really liked that hybrid of garage and pop. I liked ‘7 Days’ because of the mellow guitar riff and Craig’s tuneful voice. The lyrics were kind of silly, describing a man’s fantasy of meeting a girl in the subway at ‘about quarter past three’ on a Monday, propositioning her and spending the week together, but it was very catchy.

CD singles in the UK usually had two versions, each version including remixes, b-sides or maybe even a video to play on your computer. I don’t know which CD version of ‘7 Days’ I had, but I do remember that remixes on singles were often a bit rubbish and it was desirable to have the version which had different songs, not just remixes. My CD singles collection was quite small, as they were expensive compared to the cassettes, unless from the aforementioned bargain bin. I had ‘New Year’ by the Sugababes, ‘Music’ by Madonna and ’19/2000′ by Gorillaz, I don’t recall what else. I now own one CD single, ‘Achilles Heel’, the debut from Toploader. I found it in a charity shop in around 2010, having liked the song since seeing it performed on Top of the Pops more than a decade earlier. The late 90s to early 2000s were peak times for the CD single and I’d assumed the format had died out, but I’ve read that with the resurgence of physical media they’ve made a comeback.

As for my copy of ‘7 Days’, it’s long-gone, but the song has a permanent residence in my brain.

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  1. The first CD single I remember buying was Don’t Speak by No Doubt – still an excellent tune!

      1. I love that song too. It always reminds me of my time working as a temp at Woolworths distribution centre data inputting. Worked on a Sunday morning when all the records of music sales came in from all the stores across the country. We’d have the radio on and one of our colleagues was always almost reduced to tears when this record came on.

        1. That must have been interesting finding out who was number 1 before the general public? Yes it’s a really powerful and sad song.

          1. I don’t think we ever did because their sales figures would be added to all the other record retailers figures. I can’t honestly remember the detail of the job apart from it was really boring. 😅

  2. Never be embarrassed by the music you bought when you were younger. Why should we be? I’m a proud owner of all the CDs and cassettes I bought as a teenager. I never bought Craig David, but I do like that song as well as Re-Rewind and watched him perfom it on a new year concert a few years back on tv. 🙂 I actually miss getting CDs and tapes with extras on them, even if they were remixes, even song lyrics on the sleeve felt like a bonus to me. Physical media is definitely having a resurgence and I think it’s brilliant. Preservation is so important.

    1. I haven’t kept all of my CDs and cassettes but I do still listen mainly to physical media. I totally agree with you!

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