Review of ‘The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music’ by Dave Grohl

A brilliant memoir from one of the most famous and inspirational rock musicians of recent times. You don’t have to be a super-fan to enjoy this book. I’m not sure how much of the content is already familiar to super-fans but I’m sure they would buy the book regardless.

The memoir is necessarily selective – Dave has had a very eventful 52 years – and is timed, by coincidence or otherwise, with the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind this year. Packed full of rock ‘n’ roll tales and honest revelations, the book chronicles the highs and lows of his career in a mostly linear way, but he does go back and forth a little. There is a very generous amount of photos and other bits such as postcards. We hear a lot about his influences and themes such as reconciling underground / DIY principles with going mainstream and how to be there for both his family and his fans. Name-dropping is always a hazard in any famous person’s autobiography but here, it’s always for a reason, such as the beginning of a friendship. Paul McCartney gets the most limelight, as Dave is clearly overjoyed to count his musical idol as a good friend.

I think the best element of this book is the way in which it’s told. The voice is authentic, funny and unmistakeably Dave Grohl. He has a startling habit of WRITING IN UPPER CASE WHEN HE HAS SOMETHING AMAZING TO TELL YOU OR A PIECE OF WISDOM TO IMPART. I’m not really keen on that but hey, it’s his style.

In summary, a great read for ‘Times Like These’ which shows the ‘Best of [Dave]’, the ‘Low’ moments and how he ‘Learn[ed] to Fly’. Turn the pages ‘One by One’ and just ‘Go With the Flow’.

‘All Apologies’ for the puns.

Published in 2021.

4 thoughts on “Review of ‘The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music’ by Dave Grohl”

  1. I’m so embarrassed because I don’t know who Dave Grohl is 🙁 But I love this cover and that he wasn’t looking at the camera head-on! I was hoping to read Will Smith’s autobiography soon, but I’m 80th in line! Guess that means I’ll be reading it only next year LOL Great review, NS!

    1. LOL not to worry, he is known to rock fans. It’s a good cover and not really the image most people would think of him. I didn’t know Will Smith had an autobiography, that should be interesting! You might to get to read it sooner than you think, library queues can move fast 😀

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